What to Eat When You’re in Punggol

Punggol is a relatively new town in Singapore which is attracting people from across the world to its waterfront housing. Since the completion of the Punggol Waterway project in 2011, a large number of tourists visit Punggol for kayaking or canoeing down the waterway, enjoying a pleasant stroll or jog along the beautiful river, and most importantly, to experience al-fresco dining along the waterfront while watching the sunset.

Where to eat food at Punggol

If you too want to enjoy a meal by the waterfront, the good news is that you need not go too far. Most restaurants are conveniently situated along the Punggol waterway, allowing you a taste of delectable local and international cuisine. Moreover, accessibility to these restaurants is fairly easy via MRT. One such popular restaurant in Punggol offering an unforgettable al-fresco dining experience is Rise and Grind Coffee Co. Here you can enjoy sumptuous breakfast or brunch and sip the finest coffee in town, all while taking in the mesmerizing view of the waterway.

Punggol restaurants are a perfect choice for any occasion

Whether it’s a long-lost friend you are catching up with after a long time or meeting a really important client to strike a crucial deal for your company, the first question that comes to mind is where to take them out for food? The eating joints at Punggol ensure that all your needs are well addressed, offering just the right ambience, décor, and of course food.

What to eat in Punggol

The choice is wide and varied. Right from simple breakfast such as toast and eggs to a heavy meal, Punggol restaurants cater to all kinds of taste buds and appetites. The food is hygienically prepared and is meant to serve both vegetarians and meat-lovers. From appetizers to wholesome lunch and dinners, you will find a good variety of cuisine to choose from at the restaurants in Punggol. Not to forget the mouth-watering desserts, the perfect end to every meal. Most restaurants of Punggol will have a special menu designed for your little ones too. Pancakes, scrambled eggs, French toast, and sandwiches, Punggol restaurants exactly know how to make your kids happy.

Ideal for parties and events

Restaurants in the picturesque area of Punggol are not just meant for casual or formal dining, they are preferred by many people for hosting large parties and even private or office events for both small and large gatherings. Great food and a perfect locale facing the Punggol waterway make these restaurants an obvious choice.

4So when you are in the city next time on a family holiday or an official tour and wondering where to eat food at Punggol, just go by the waterfront and you will find a number of dining options – difficult to choose from and even harder to miss. The restaurants in Punggol are sure to please both your palate and your tummy as well. Hey! they are easy on the pocket too.