Everything You Need to Know About Executive Condos in Singapore

When it comes to the most popular housing types in Singapore, an executive condo is a one-stop solution. An executive condo is much cheaper than a private condo but offers all the comparable facilities as well as design.

In case, you are planning to own an executive condominium in Singapore you can check the Tengah EC showflat once.

The executive condo is also known as a sandwich flat because it is a public-private housing hybrid. It is specially meant for middle-income Singaporeans who are not able to qualify for an HBD flat because of the income ceiling gap.

You must know that executive condos are developed and sold by private developers but subsidised by the government only. The Tengah EC price is extremely affordable and has all the attributes like gyms, clubhouse, swimming pool, and enhanced design, making it cheaper than private condos.

One of the best things about purchasing a new executive condominium in Singapore is, you are entitled to CPF housing grants that ultimately assist you to balance some costs.

You must know that one of the major catches is that your gross monthly income needs to be $14,000 and below. Along with this, your citizenship, as well as housing status, also matters.

Everyone loves purchasing things at a discounted price, especially when it comes to buying an executive condo in Singapore. Buying an executive condo means you are also purchasing a condo that is already subsidised by the government, saving your money to a great extent.

This means you buy a condo at a slightly lower price and get all the contemporary amenities to enjoy like swimming pools, BBQ pits, tennis courts, gyms, and function rooms.

One of the best things about ECs in Singapore is, they come with fully equipped bathrooms, a kitchen, and well finishing that are the same as private condos.

After owning an executive condo, you might find the first 10 years a bit of a drug but once the 5-year MOP is complete, you can sell or rent out your condo.

From the starting of the 11th year, ECs get privatized which means you can sell them to foreign buyers with great ease and earn huge money. With each passing year, the value of ECs improves. Keep one thing in your mind, when you purchase an EC, you buy it at a subsidised price offered by the government.

Although once your property hits the MOP and the 11th year, the capital gains are much higher when compared to resale condos. If you are a middle-income Singaporean then you must definitely consider buying an executive condo without having a second thought.

Therefore, if you are planning to buy an EC this year then there are several options and Tengah EC is one of them. This project is all set for launch in the middle of this year, offering you all the luxury amenities to ensure your comfortable stay.