Scholarship Application Process At National University of Singapore

National University of Singapore (NUS) is one of the most prestigious educational bodies in Singapore. Established in 1905, NUS is located in Lower Kent Ridge Road area and offers vast ranges of undergraduate and postgraduate multi-disciplinary programs to a wide population of domestic and international students. The Courses At NUS NUS offer 17 faculties and schools […]

The Great Courses – Using Audio-Visual Media To Making Learning Fun

Students who undertake various academic courses understand the importance of education and its value. However, there are times when they find tradition classroom lectures to be dull and burden-some. Moreover, if they happen to miss a particular lecture for any reason, they find it difficult to follow subsequent lessons. Due to this, they find it […]

Creating a Homeschool Transcript

A transcript is a record of the courses your child completed in high school.  Transcripts are important for your homeschool graduate whether or not they plan to continue their education.  Even the most meticulous recordkeeping does not take the place of a transcript, or carry the same weight that a transcript does.  In this article, […]

How Games Can Help Your Students

Just like grownups, children may find repetitive tasks boring at some point. We sometimes find other means to keep our kids from getting bored or uninterested with their academic subjects. Games can be educational too. Surprisingly, games are also found effective to improve our homeschool’s learning. We can’t blame most parents to be concerned about […]