How to choose the right one 25G SFP28 Optical Transceiver Module

SFP is also called a mini GBIC (gigabit interface converter). It is compact, hot-pluggable optical transceiver module which is largely used for doing both data communication and telecommunication applications. The SFP port takes both copper cables and optical modules.

And this is the reason why it is designed and supported by several network component organizations. The SFP module is not specified by any organization that sets the rules, but it is standardized by a multi-source agreement. The SFP module also accepts Gigabit Ethernet, SONET, Fibre Channel, and other communication norms. Besides, SFP has also replaced GBIC in many applications as it has a small size.

What to consider at the time of selecting the SFP Module?

When people purchase an SFP module, most of the buyers prefer to buy Cisco SFP modules. However, due to the prosperity of the optical transceiver market, the multitude of third party optical transceiver companies have begun to provide cheaper SFP modules having the same performance as Cisco SFP. So, here the question is, what to consider while choosing 1G SFP modules?

Compatibility of SFP Module

25g SFP28At the time of buying third party 25g SFP28, the compatibility feature is cared about by most of the users. Before ordering the module, the buyer can check the optics testing center of the vendor to confirm that the SFP module that you are going to buy is compatible with your devices or not, or he/she can ask the sales rep for knowing more information regarding the SFP transceiver compatibility.

New or second-hand module

There are both second-hand and new SFP transceiver present in the market. It is good to learn to discriminate them to avoid unnecessary losses. Generally, the second-hand SFP may have some scratches in its optical port and appearance, which in turn help the buyer to identify whether it is used or new. Along with this, one can test the optical power and compare the result with the features to verify the module. If the result comes different, then the buyer should be careful as it can be a second-hand module.

Price of the SFP Module

As compared with Cisco SFP or SFP modules of other brands, the third-party SFP optical transceivers are considered to be more cost-effective. Under general conditions, excluding the price, there remains no difference between the performance of OEM SFP modules and compatible 1G SFP. The buyers can easily select the best compatible SFP optical transceiver from a trustworthy vendor as per their requirement at an affordable price.

Temperature Stability

The 25g SFP28 are widely used in switches or data centers where the temperature remains varied. A too low or too high temperature can influence the optical sensibility and optical power. Therefore, temperature stability is an essential element to make sure that the SFP module will work normally.

Quality of SFP module

No one can ensure that SFP modules receiver are completely normal, or the service life of optical transceiver is usually 5 years among several vendors. Therefore, contacting a reliable vendor for purchasing the SFP module is very important as it is not easy to tell that the quality is good or bad in the first year.