Five Dog Training Tips

Your direction to dog training has a big impact on the real outcomes of training that you will get. As soon as you decide to provide dog training to your dog, you can be sure that your puppy is going to grow as a well-mannered dog. Aside from having the right mindset, it’s better to keep these tips in your mind while training your dog.

Here are the top five Dog Training tips that will help you to make your dog a positive part of your family

Show the dog, that you are a pack leader

Dogs are said to be pack animals and hence they naturally see and expect their leaders to be a pack leader. Normally pack leaders do control the food supply. So, a good way to establish control over your dog is to feed him only after you have taken your meal. A feeding schedule must be set.

Use positive reinforcement

Dogs respond best when they are greeted with positive reinforcement. It is the best way to give a reward for good behavior and ignore the bad behavior during the training process. As dogs crave your praises, they will keep repeating the good things at what they have been praised once. Be careful not to give any sort of punishment to your dog as this will alienate him.

Set realistic goals

Having a concrete goal to start with the training is important. Of course, your goals must be realistic otherwise you will be ending up with a failure only.

For example- You can expect your dog to follow your ‘sit’ command within two-three days of training. But you cannot expect him to follow your

‘jump’ command within the same timeframe.

Learn proper timing

Where dog training is concerned, the difference between success and failure can be spelled by proper timings. When you notice your dog circling or sniffing, just give him a firm NO and then direct him to the designated elimination location.

Be consistent and patient

Everyone makes mistakes. Your dog will also do the same. Showing impatience or yelling at your dog will get you nowhere. Give him enough time to learn each command. Consistency and patience are the key factors of successful dog training. 

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