Scholarship Application Process At National University of Singapore

National University of Singapore (NUS) is one of the most prestigious educational bodies in Singapore. Established in 1905, NUS is located in Lower Kent Ridge Road area and offers vast ranges of undergraduate and postgraduate multi-disciplinary programs to a wide population of domestic and international students. The Courses At NUS NUS offer 17 faculties and schools and each of them comprises multiple specific programs to cater to the preferences and willingness of students. The different faculties and schools present in NUS are medicine, public health, dentistry, public policies, arts, and social sciences, business, computing, design, media, environment and engineering, and music. National University of Singapore Government Scholarship programs are also famous and the most talented and able students can enjoy outstanding scholarship programs that can take care of their course fees, tuition fees, and accommodation fees for the entire academic stint. The multi-disciplinary programs and courses under faculties are rich in course content and the faculties and instructors are highly proficient to handle the students and guide them aptly. The school of Design under NUS comprise of architectures, buildings, industrial design, and real estate whereas art and social sciences comprise structured courses on gender studies, interactive media, art history, social studies, urban studies, film studies, and health. Scholarship Programs At NUS The National University of Singapore is known and popular for offering all comprehensive and outstanding scholarship programs to both undergraduate and postgraduate students. The scholarship includes coverage of tuition fees and all living and accommodation expenses of the academic year. For undergraduate students, NUS offers a large number of undergraduate scholarships and awards in acknowledgment of extraordinary academic feats, leadership potentials, and special expertise. The NUS Scholarships are freshmen scholarships offered to recognize, categorize and back up outstanding Singapore Citizen students who showcase academic fineness, high intellectual volume, rock-solid character, able leadership skills, and a desire for modernization and creativity. How To Apply For Scholarships The UG students need to apply for scholarships for Singapore citizens, international students, and current NUS students. The various scholarship titles are NUS Global Merit Scholarships, NUS Merit Scholarships, NUS Sports Scholarships, and NUS Scholarships for Performing and Visual Arts. Scholarships for research degree programs are the Commonwealth Scholarship, NUS Research Scholarship, President Graduate Scholarship, and Lee Kuan Yew Scholarship. Besides this, there are faculty-level scholarships that are provided to graduate coursework students. Scholarships offered to PhD scholars are for displaying exceptional and promising research capabilities while undergraduate and graduate students get these scholarships basis their academic talents, knowledge, skill, and proficiency. In every domain, one needs to apply formally to the right authority in NUS and the committee evaluates the candidature and finalises the scholarship holders’ names in every course.