The Best Real Estate in Indian Lake Ohio

The real estate market in the Indian Lake Ohio region has burgeoned in the past few years which opens up more properties in various price points. Individuals and families who seek to invest, purchase to own or desire a vacation rental have more options than ever before in the buyers market. Learn more about the region and how to score one of the available properties in this geographically and geologically diverse community.

Family Friendly
Indian Lake Ohio has a reputation for a resort community due to the family friendly atmosphere. From lodging to dining, entertainment and recreational activities, something for all ages is available. Recreational activities such as swimming in Indian Lake, camping in the park, going to the beach, dining in one of the many fine restaurants and enjoying the local festivals and events happening in the community create a wonderful atmosphere for individuals and families to enjoy. Once called the “Atlantic City of the Midwest,” Indian Lake still has a reputation as a jewel for the naturally beautiful surroundings and activities for people of all ages.

Real Estate
Three communities make up some of the best Indian Lake Ohio real estate has to offer: Russells Point, Bellefontaine and Lakeview. Waterfront property is some of the best on offer in Russells Point and Lakeview with views overlooking Indian Lake. Some properties boast private beach access and boat dock while others are a short distance to the lake to enjoy many of the recreational activities available. Visitors and homeowners enjoy the small town feel with a range of opportunities to socialize with neighbors, sip a drink down at the pub or enjoy a quiet evening in peace and tranquility of one’s own home. Affordable properties are available inland and in the surrounding area. Excellent schools have brought many young families to the area who enjoy the amenities and also call it home.

The Right Choice
When searching for prime real estate in Indian Lake, Ohio, look no further than a company with qualified, top notch agents working to find that perfect dream home. Choice Properties opened its doors in May, 1999 and now boasts two offices in Russells Point and Bellefontaine, in the heart of Logan County, Ohio. Agents are trained to serve the community and understand what a person is looking for to support the search for that perfect property. Indian Lake waterfront homes are available in many different areas in all price points as well as homes inland and further out for those seeking a more quiet atmosphere. When searching for the right property, it only makes sense to work with the premier agency with top sellers in the Indian Lake market to help find that beautiful dream home.