Jonathan Schrag on Global Warming & Climate Change- How Is The EPA Helping?

The planet Earth is falling prey to global warming and climate change. It is here that the Environmental Protection Agency or the EPA steps in to help. Many people are not aware of this Agency and how it is protecting the planet Earth. The issues of global warming and climate change has been affecting the planet to such an extent that there needs to be a body or an Agency to step in and set rules and regulations for organizations and businesses to abide to. The EPA is such a body that has been formed in the USA and making an earnest endeavor to protect the planet from the onslaught of the negative effects caused by global warming and climate change. The EPA is based in the USA and currently operates in the nation.

Global warming and climate change- what does an expert say?

Jonathan Schrag is the Founding Partner of Hudson Strategic Energy Advisors and he says that the EPA has an important role and function to play when it comes to protecting the environment. He says that the EPA is controlled by the Federal Government of the USA and approved by the Congress Party of the USA. It is headed by an administrators that the President of the USA appoints. The prime function of the EPA is to protect the environment of the globe and people that are living in it. People are apprehensive of the harmful and dangerous effects that global warming and climate change is doing to it. They need reassurance from the government of the nations to protect them from these changing cycles and the sudden rise of temperature. The EPA and the government of the USA is the first in the world to create and get involved directly in the protection and preservation of the planet Earth. It cares for the globe and the people who are living in it.

Primary role and the functions of the EPA on the planet

The EPA has the sole role and function to lay down national standards for businesses and organizations to follow when it comes to the protection of the globe. The USA along with other prominent nations in the world has come forward to protect the planet and all human beings on it. When the Congress Party creates an environmental law, it is the duty of the EPA to implement it by writing the regulations. These national standards are set and if tribes and states are not able to implement these national standards, the EPA steps in to help them. They help the states and the tribes to understand the regulations and the ways via which they can enforce them. In short, the EPA guides them in case they fail to enforce the regulations.

Jonathan Schrag says that half of the budget of the EPA is used as grants given to non-profit organizations, state environmental programs, educational institutions and more. This money can be used for scientific studies that help people understand how to clean up the community and protect the health of humans and the environment with success!