How to get Bedbugs out of an Apartment?

Bed bugs are blood-sucking parasites, the main habitat of which is home textiles (bed linen, mattresses), furniture, and household appliances. Pests choose their habitat regardless of sanitary conditions – bugs appear both in dirty dwellings and in apartments where cleanliness and order reign.

Bed bugs feed on human and animal blood. Parasites multiply very quickly, if you do not notice their appearance in time, the number of the colony will increase to a critical value in just a few weeks. Therefore, at the first signs of the appearance of parasites in the home, it is necessary to process the apartment in effective ways.

Home methods of dealing with bedbugs:

When self-dealing with bedbugs or hire a bed bug pest control, several proven methods are used. These methods do not give a 100% guarantee of the destruction of pests, especially if there are a lot of bugs, but they can help in certain situations.

  • Freezing

For bedbugs, the comfortable temperature is + 20 … + 30 degree C. Parasites are extremely sensitive to cold, lowering the temperature to minus marks is destructive for them. Freezing the apartment is used to make insects die from the cold. The method is suitable for winter in regions where winters are especially cold, since the temperature in the room should be -20 ° C. The measure is difficult to implement in multi-storey buildings, as it requires draining water from heating radiators in order to avoid them bursting from frost. If the apartment is not cold enough, the bugs will not die, but only fall into suspended animation, in which they can stay for up to one and a half years.

  • Thermal action

In contrast to the cold, heat is also used in the fight against bedbugs. If the habitat of bedbugs is limited by the bed / sofa where the owners of the apartment sleep, washing clothes at high temperatures will help to treat things from parasites. Boiling kills both adults and larvae. A steam generator is used to process mattresses and furniture.

  • Household chemicals

Special powders, aerosols and sprays for topical use will help to exterminate parasites at home. A wide range of drugs are presented in hardware stores, selected depending on the area of ​​the apartment, the population of insects and other factors.

The main disadvantage of home methods is their low efficiency. It is extremely difficult to achieve complete destruction of parasites on your own. Usually in this way you can slow down the reproduction of pests, temporarily reduce their population.

If it is problematic or impossible to cope with bedbugs on your own, you need to entrust the destruction of parasites to pest control Singapore. Their certified methods will help eliminate insects and prevent their reappearance.

Professional ways to get rid of parasites:

The disinfection service treats rooms from bedbugs in several ways. Each method is based on the use of potent pesticides. The main methods include cold processing, which allows you to process a large area in a short time.

An auxiliary method for killing bedbugs is barrier protection. Its purpose is to enhance the fogging effect. The complex effect is guaranteed to get rid of bedbugs in the apartment.

Cold fog treatment

Poisonous substances are sprayed indoors using a cold fog generator. The spray generator is a device that emits a powerful stream of aerosol vapour. Cold evaporation with an active ingredient penetrates into all cracks, destroying adult parasites and their larvae.

It is extremely difficult to get rid of bed bugs in an apartment on your own due to the rapid multiplication of parasites and the low efficiency of home methods and means. Professional pest control services has clear advantages in terms of parasite destruction:

  • Efficiency of carrying out: Pest control management team works on large areas quickly.
  • Complete processing: Cold fog penetrates into all corners and crevices, destroying bugs and their larvae.
  • Long lasting effect: High-quality insecticides have a long-term harmful effect on parasites after several weeks of treatment.