Buy a 2-Bedroom Apartment or Buy a more Spacious and Expensive Housing?

When planning to buy a 2-room apartment, young couples are thinking: is there not enough space for a family in the future, when there are children of a special gender? Everyone will need their own space for games and entertainment. Parents also need to have their own corner where they can be alone and relax. Look for compact furniture and multi-storey cribs in advance or prefer a house with three or four living rooms?

A resident of a large city can choose an alternative and buy a 2-room apartment of large area with a well-thought-out layout for convenient zoning. As a rule, modern developers offer many options for “kopeck piece”, which are not inferior in parameters to 3-room counterparts. If the most important thing for you – the maximum free space for each family member – feel free to choose a cottage outside the city. In this case, you also get a house area for picnics and outdoor recreation.

If you are accustomed to using every square meter to your advantage, buy a 2-bedroom condominium with one bedroom and an additional room for receiving guests. On normal days, the second room will become a favourite place to spend time together or work.

How to arrange an apartment with two rooms?

Planning of premises in new residential complex allows to create comfortable conditions even in a one-room studio apartment. As for housing with two functional rooms, there are many options.

  • The combination of kitchen and dining room is a Scandinavian tradition that has become widespread in modern European planning. By installing a TV and a comfortable sofa next to the dining table, you can allocate both bedrooms – your own and children’s.
  • Buying a 2-room apartment for 2 family members, you can create a cosy nest in one of them, and in the other to welcome guests.
  • For the owners of a studio apartment, the number of rooms is too conditional: the main thing for comfort is the talent for functional zoning. In one hall with arches the office, a bedroom and a drawing room are successfully combined.
  • Business people, who often have lunch and meet with friends in cafes and restaurants, can use one room as an office, ideally – with access to the balcony.
  • The format of the apartment depends on the lifestyle and the number of family members. The only factor relevant to each potential resident of a two-room apartment – a low price with a sufficient total area – an average of 45 square meters.

Types of Condos in the Commodore Residential Complex as per Room Count

The Commodore developers, JBE Development Pte. Ltd., offers 1 bedroom to 5-bedroom apartments for its residents.

avenir freehold

  • of 1-bedroom condos- 25 units
  • of 2 bedroom condos- 25
  • of 2 bedroom premium + study- 60 units
  • of 3 bedroom condos- 20 units
  • of 3-bedroom premium + study – 25 units
  • of 4-bedroom condos- 19 units
  • of 4 bedroom premium + study – 27 units
  • of 4 bedroom exclusive + study (private lift) – 8 units
  • of 5 bedroom exclusive + study (private lift) – 10 units

You can choose the condominium in the Commodore as per your convenience and register yourself for flat-show viewing today!

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